Big Question Marks

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling like Nacho Libre...

Woohoo! It's one of the most exciting days of the year today — the day before Halloween. All week, we've been busily getting our costumes ready for the big day, and all month, it's been a time of mad brainstorming to figure out what we'll be.

After rejecting a whole bunch of potentially great ideas for various reasons — too hard to pull together, can't find the right accessories, etc. — we've settled on our costumes. But maybe in future years, one of us will be a Victorian-era safari explorer, the Statue of Liberty, Tron, Burt (from Burt's Bees), Domokun, or a garden gnome.

Adrian has decided to be a robot. For those who know Adrian, it's not hard to imagine him choosing to be a robot... he's surrounded by robot kitsch on a daily basis, he's constantly sketching robots, and occasionally his eyes light up red when he's processing information (well, OK, not really). But Adrian's not just being any robot: after finding some schematics online, he's been creating a giant robot suit from cardboard, masking tape, and pieces of duct foam, with movable, jointed fingers and all. It's going to be pretty awesome! Now he just has to figure out how to fit through doorways (and our narrow apartment hallway), hope the spray paint dries in time, and practice a dance to "Mr. Roboto". Here's a pic of the robot hands in progress:

As for me, since going to NYC this year, I was getting pretty excited to have an excuse to wear my foam Statue of Liberty crown and drape myself in green bedsheets. I was even practicing my regal poses, and dreaming up fun and politically incorrect variations. But then, the shiny red Lucha Libre mask (souvenir from Cancun) sitting on our stereo, next to the Statue crown caught my eye — what a great excuse to be a Mexican wrestler! So today I'll be at my sewing machine, stitching a shiny red cape, just like Nacho Libre did in his hilariously awesome movie. And tonight (for a house party) and tomorrow (for the annual Church St street party) I'll don a pair of shiny leggings, red wrestling boot covers and a mask, and flex my very non-wrestler-like muscles (haha). Big thanks to Forever 21 for deeming gold leggings 'in fashion' this season! I must also mention my excitement at finding red vinyl boot coverings that will be awesome wrestling boots: they were meant to be skanky thigh-high "devil" boots (according to the package photo), but changing the shoelaces to white and folding them down low transform them amazingly to wrestling boots! Hopefully I don't get invited into an actual wrestling match. -D.