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Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Tea with K-Rudd

My workplace was in a flurry recently as I walked in to find that everyone had been cleaning madly for the past few days. While the (grocery) store was looking great, I knew that this wasn't all for naught.

I could only visualize a scene from North Korea where steel workers were tidying up for Kim Jong-Il's (1941-2011) imminent visit. Who could possibly be showing up?

Luckily I didn't have to clean everything much to the chagrin of my workmates, but with a few inquiries the visitor was revealed: Kevin Rudd.
Yes, former Prime Minister of Australia was on his way to my grocery store to pitch a tea for Twinings.

Quick history: K. Rudd was elected PM when we first arrived in Australia in 2007 - he had a catchy slogan: "Kevin '07", a 'hip' nickname: "K-Rudd" (for the kids), he was almost always drawn as Tintin in political cartoons, but mostly (our favourite) was a t-shirt emblazoned with: "Viva la Kevolution" with Rudd's face in place of Che Guevara's iconic photograph.


Needless to say that based solely on these things, and being new to the country, K-Rudd became our new favourite politician.

Subsequently Kevin '07's term as PM came to an abrupt end in 2010 when (we had left the country), his political party - the Australian Labour Party, sacked him in some sort of mutiny.
But, he's still a politician serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs - and now is also serving Twinings tea at the grocery store where I work!

I entrenched myself among the photographers and news cameras that had set up inside the lobby when Kevie showed up (2 hours later), and gave his pitch for a charity tea blend that gives 100% of the profits to the RSPCA (an animal charity).

At one point during the show, he poured out some tea and offered it to the media. Quick like a bunny, I stuck up my hand, "Sure, I'll take one please."
"You take milk with that, mate?", he replied.
"Two please, Mr. Rudd."
"There ya go mate!"

The tea was good, but being served tea by the former Prime Minister was better. It definitely got my vote! (Nuk nuk nuk!)