Big Question Marks

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Big Tease

We just got off a sweltering, gorgeous couple of hours at the beach in Port Douglas. Workin' on our tans a little bit, playing with sand crabs, etc. It's all loads of fun until you think "Wow, it sure would be nice to go for a dip in that beautiful blue ocean a few metres away from our beach towel."


Because the ocean up here is filled with tiny "marine stingers" that will hurt you really badly, or maybe even kill you if, in a lapse of judgment, you jump in. These little creatures are, most of the time, too small to see, and too transparent to really know if they're around. We're starting to wonder if the Aussies are just playing a big trick on the tourists...

But the countdown's on... the "locals" (which is another weird Port Douglas phenomenon-- nobody's REALLY, ACTUALLY from here originally) only a couple more weeks till we can go swimming, yay! In other good news, we got jobs without a problem; without even an interview... and worked our first day as housekeepers/porters at a gorgeous jungle-y hotel called Hibiscus Gardens. It was a lazy day of giving hoilday apartments the illusion of being clean and making some beds. Decent pay, and we made it to the beach by 3 p.m. Not bad! I think we could get used to this place. Except for waking up in a sauna of a tent today and wishing there was a store where we could buy a fan, that wasn't an hour away by car...
Missing you all, hope it's warming up back home :) xoxo, D&A


Sazzmo said...

I say go in the water anyway, what could go wrong?

Sheila said...

You two are doing housekeeping at a hotel? Somehow I just can't picture that! Don't forget to fold the toilet paper into a v-shape to impress the guests! Even if you didn't clean the room , they'll think you did! Have fun!

Kees & Esther said...

Hey ?-marks!
So, you are travelling - eeehm, working - in Down Under? Really like your blogs! Seen you've been diving at Koh Tao as well.. Pretty nice, huh? Great adventures!
For us - Kees & Esther - the Happy Travelling Days are over. We're back in Holland and we have to think about jobs and washing dishes and pick up phones and other boring stuff.. But I refuse as long as possible and try to beat the system - but the system never works along.. Well enough b.s. for today. I wish you the best of luck in the future and check your blog once in a while. Take care!