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Saturday, May 5, 2007

We need your help!!

Remember me?
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Hey everyone!
Now is that time in our trip we need REALLY your help (and no, we didn't get all our bags stolen, and we didn't go broke at the casino... not THAT kind of help)

We entered a Lonely Planet's contest for coolest travel video, and we need you at home to watch and rate our awesome video as many times as you can! (pretty please :) At stake is a prize pack of everything Adrian needs to become a superstar travel videographer (Macbook & software, video camera) and money to buy our van!

We have until Tuesday, May 15th to get tons of votes. We're a lot behind since we just found out about the contest yesterday... tee hee but we have faith in our Angkor Wat monkeys! (and we've brought 'em back for the contest)

Please tell everyone you know to vote/watch (a few times is even better). Just click on the link and follow the instructions:

click here for our awesome monkey video!

Thanks so much to all of you for reading and watching!
Love Adrian and Dayle xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

it's gonna take a lot of refreshes to bump this vid into 1000+ views.
i'm on it.

Dayle & Adrian Questionmark said...

is that you, ed?
thanks so much, you're saving our butts!
we were pretty shocked to come back to see that the vid had over 1100 views! you can be the star of our next video, come to Oz.

ps. everyone else keep watching! and thanks for the views - keep em coming.