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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To you, Canada

Day 4 of the Olympics, and still no medals for the Canucks. Come on, it's getting a little embarrassing to show up at work and face all of the gloating Aussies (not to mention eating lunch with people from China!). Even Mongolia has a silver. Maybe it's really not that bad for us-- it's probably more frustrating to watch it all on CBC... all those "almosts" and "close calls". So we were thinking maybe Canada just needs a little encouragement. As long as we kick ass in Vancouver in 2010, who cares, right?

Our Olympic thoughts of the day:
- How about that performance from the Chinese gymnasts!? Wow. And so much controversy surrounding their true ages. Wonder how that will all turn out...
-The horse-jumping surely had the cutest course ever- we heart pandas and dragons!
-We still really, really don't understand judo. Or fencing, for that matter.

*Thanks to Encouragement Kitten for providing a much-needed pep talk.


Sean said...

Yah come on Canada!
So when do the rowing finals begin?

Neilio said...

In the news here (and elsewhere), all the news seems to be about how much BS the opening ceremonies were. Apparently they digitally added fireworks across the city that weren't actually there. And the adorable little girl that sang during the ceremonies was lip-syncing... the real girl was deemed too ugly to be "the face of China". And the Spanish basketball team's "slanty-eye" photo shoot. But ya, Canada is embarassing us. Hungary has medals. For god's sake, TOGO has a bronze. We didn't here anything about the Chinese gymnasts being too young, but they did a hell of a good job! Canada's best hopes look like swimming tomorrow, and a few rowing events.

Pops said...

Let's see how well the Aussies do at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics when Canada will kick butt.

pauline said...

i love encouragement kittens..! where can i get one for personal use?