Big Question Marks

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Off the grid?

Hello loyal readers! We write to you from the happy (if mosquito-ridden) kitchen/lobby of our riverside guesthouse in Bangkok. Tomorrow morning (whoa, we can hardly believe it!) we fly off to Burma for what will most likely be a really interesting three weeks. We've got a pocket stacked with "crispy" US$ bills (we actually had to be real bastards and reject some of the bills at the exchange place today, just in case we couldn't exchange them for the local Kyat!) and we're raring to get truly off the beaten path on the other side of the Thai border. We can't wait to show you what's there, and to tell you whether all the strange things we've read about the place are true.... the horse-drawn buggies, the men in skirts, the online censorship, you know, that stuff.

We have read that there's a good deal of websites blocked-- so we'll have to find out whether Blogspot's on that list-- not to mention sketchy electric power and perhaps a lack of internet cafes as we head further away from big-city Rangoon/Yangon. We'll try our best to post as much as we can, but please don't fret if you haven't heard too much from us in the coming weeks. We're probably just climbing a mountain or riding the bus along a very potholed road or something. Perhaps a little internet detox will do us good-- though we will miss all of you and our wifi a lot! ;)

We have heard Gmail's quite accessible though, so keep in touch with us at Catch you soon! xoxo, A&D