Big Question Marks

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Big "?"... At A Loss for Words

Hello, long time no talk! We've made it back to Thailand-- actually on Friday morning we flew in to Bangkok-- and have found ourselves with a lot to catch up on and a wee bout of writer's block. Not that Burma didn't provide us any material, stuff to think about, crazy scenes, etc.; it was anything BUT thought-provoking and memorable, over-stimulating perhaps. It was a busy and often exhausting three weeks, with a lot to take in and perhaps not enough time to really absorb it. We'll definitely need a few weeks on the Thai beaches south of here to gather our thoughts on what we've seen and experienced: Burma was that intense.

We'll do our best to try and tell you about the highlights-- make sure to check out our photos, which we've just put up (we'll caption them soon), because it was constant visual shock for us-- a totally alien nation, a forgotten place left behind in another time, but all the while still conscious of the outside world too.

We'll also backdate our Burma posts to when they actually happened, and try our best to describe this surreal and complicated place in the context of our travels. Maybe the pictures can better explain better the sorts of things we experienced...


Anonymous said...

I'd check what "anything but" means, maybe.

Paula said...

Wow, the photos look awesome! That old-style coach was so cool! Can't wait to hear more guys and glad to hear you're back safe and sound!