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Friday, July 16, 2010

Emails From Beyond

Yes, this was an actual email we received at work this week. Are the days of Nigerian money scams and bogus million-dollar lottery wins over? This one was pretty amazing... and I just had to share. Enjoy! D.


July 16, 2010 8:56:23 AM
From: "A German octopus">

Attn sir,ma

I am well pleased when I got the attention the world during the last world cup in South Africa because I predicted the all the games correctly and also the final between Netherlands and Spain.
I want to use this medium to make open to every body around the world to come forward with his or her case a genuine prediction, concerning your contract, your inheritance, and your business including your part. Love partner and kinds of things which you want my prediction
then you come to me for prediction and direction.

FIFA president including the CAF president contacted me to stop further prediction on football matches because it will bring down the players moral and also the fans any time I predict on any competitive events.
contact me concerning your investiments,business I will help you to tell you what and where to go to conclude your business.

You can as well call me on my direct number + 447024056861

Best regards
A German octopus
I Paul is the world's first and only cephalopod psychic

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