Big Question Marks

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Favourite Gold Coast Bloke (So Far)

It was a partly cloudy but hot afternoon. We were indulging in an ice cream at the local Cold Rock Ice Creamery (delicious ice cream but bad value, we must say). There we were, sitting at a sidewalk table, when you swaggered up to the ice cream counter with your family and ordered first.

You ordered first, and then you passed your wife the task of paying for your sundae.

We couldn't stop staring at your multi-coloured mullet. And your awesome 'stache. And then we noticed that you weren't really wearing socks at all- it was simply the best sock tan we'd ever seen.

Mullet man with the rockin' sock tan, we love that you stepped straight out of the '70s to totally make our day!