Big Question Marks

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bye for now!

Wool socks: check. Polar fleece jackets: check. Raincoats: check. Cameras and blank memory cards: check and check!

One more sleep and we're off to New Zealand for the next 13 days. We're super excited for all the tramping and the country road cruising. We're totally stoked to climb a glacier. Not to mention ooh and ahh at adorable penguins and mountain vistas. Maybe we'll even get to hug a sheep. We can only hope!

We're back in Australia on the 16th of October, so see you then!
Bye for now! xo A&D


Pops said...

Have a great trip!

Sean said...

i'm jealous...have a great time.

Dayle & Adrian Questionmark said...

Thanks guys! We're thinking of you and hoping you'll make it here soon as you can! xx