Big Question Marks

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Help! I need a bagel!

So Port Douglas is getting more and more crowded every week, especially in the building where the Gazette is located. Lucky us, we're right next door to the production crew office of The Pacific, that new Tom Hanks/Stephen Spielberg war miniseries that's being shot in town. While some may notice restaurants getting more crowded and apartment rental prices skyrocketing, it's hit me in a different way.

Those film crew bastards are eating all of Port Douglas' bagels! I'm sure of it.

Seriously. There's only two grocery stores within biking/walking distance of our home and work. And the bagel shelves have been empty for about the past two weeks. We may have to move out early if this continues. (Thanks a lot, HBO!) The problem is, I didn't have a bagel for months-- from mid-January to maybe even June-- so when I was feeling rich one day and bought the outrageously expensive four bagels for $3.69 package, I fell right off the bagel wagon again. I have a bit of Philly in the fridge that's just crying for a freshly toasted bagel. I think it might be about time to complain to the supermarkets. The only good news is we're heading to Cairns for a day this weekend-- Adrian to see Transformers and me for shopping and a haircut-- and I think I'll be piling up the little rental hatchback with as many bagels as I can find.
-xoxoxo, d.


Anonymous said...

Australia has bagels? Where?

Stephanie said...

The first bagel I found in Australia, was 2 weeks before my 6 month stint was up, in Noosa. I had a blueberry bagel, and it was yummy, but not up to Canadian standards, I ate bluberry pancakes that day too. Oh it was a wheatie and blueberriey day. Sigh...

juan said...

what the hell are bagels?

Bliss Man said...

ha ha! you make me laugh. i guess it wouldn't really make sense to send you some bagels unless it was super express post, but i wish i could!

good luck and down with HBO!


dayle questionmark said...

i love you guys and your sympathy for my bagel cravings. (FYI Juan they are fanastic donut-shaped bread things that you eat with cream cheese, or butter, or whatever! and Bianca, they're in superweird shelves at teh grocery stores... hidden. and Steph, I would kill for a blueberry one! And Bliss, you are a dear! down with HBO is right... and there's a new vendetta with the film but i'll get into it later... :))

So yeah. of course the bagel gods rained down the very next day... coles was full of them and i bought TWO BAGS! Yum!

Paula said...

Oh, I'm inspired!!!! Looking for Bagel recipes as I write... (there are NO bagels in Chile) (but there is cream cheese though I hardly think it's useful without a bagel!!!) said...

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