Big Question Marks

Friday, August 3, 2007

Yay Van!!!

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OK, we know it's been a while, but we're back and here's what's up...
And we’ve got some wheels and itchy feet!
Yes we are now the proud owners of a 1985 Toyota HiAce PopTop! It’s an awesome van, we have a sink, a stove, and a futon bed so we can sit or sleep with plenty of foot room. Lest we forget the cow patterned seat covers, (they were kinda nasty so we washed off all the hippy patchouli oil, now they’re awesome). It’s a manual, so Adrian has been trying to master the art of stick shift. It’s a little jumpy now, but he’ll smooth out with time (hopefully).
It’s a pop top too, that means that we can push the roof up so we can stand up straight inside, plus it helps to ventilate the van so we don’t cook to death.

The only thing we need for the VAN is a NAME, so get us your suggestions for our VAN NAME! Dayle is set on “Daisy”, while Adrian is gunning for “Thorzon the Overseer”, or “Figgins the Mute”.

Some good fortune has fallen on our heads! We got into ‘Cane Toad Racing’ at the Iron Bar (the local pub/restaurant). It was a lot of fun, basically if your number is called you get to race a toad, (there are 3 races per night). There’s a bit of a ritual when you get to the podium, first you need to fish you toad from a bucket then give him a kiss and put him into another bucket. Then the race is on, armed only with a party blower (those kazoo things), you need to get your toad to the side of the table and onto your hand – then get him to the bucket across the room to win big prizes.
Adrian lost his first race, his damn frog wouldn’t move no matter how hard he blew, so he came in dead last.
Dayle’s frog was eager to please and jumped right off the table after a couple nudges, but he jumped off the far side of the table and freaked out some old lady. After some ‘icky’ faces she got the toad and came in 3rd.
The last heat Adrian was back up, this time his from was more cooperative, from the first blow the frog jumped from the table, Adrian scooped him up quick, and came in first.
To our surprise he won some awesome prizes: a reef snorkel trip, a trip to a croc zoo, and a hat with cane toads on it.
It was an awesome time, so if you’re ever in Australia try to catch the famous Cane Toad Race!


Paula said...

What about "Daisy the Overseer", or "Jersey does Dallas"... or something with milkshake... (I'm trying to appeal to both parties here...)

kyle and ninjiom said...

i think you should name it "gerty junk-bottom"...

first off, it's a cow thing, and well... i'm guessing it's a bit of a junk bottom.

whatchew gonna do with all that junk?

miss you guys

Pops said...

How about Toy-Moo? Be safe on the drive.

paulyhead mc muffinson-chan said...

OMG i love your van!! it's like a house boat on wheels!!

maybe you can call it:
muffin head
cowie muffin
cowpie mufferson
smakkie III (the third)


miss ya!

hawkbat said...

I can't help it, I've just got to suggest a name for your van.

How about: Clawed Van Damn!?

It's Laura C's mom btw. Love to read what you two are up to on your adventures. said...

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