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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hotter than a certain fiery place!

Spending just a half hour on the payphone, chatting with the family out on the sweltering street in mid-afternoon nearly killed me today.

'How hot could it really be?' I thought. 'I must just be a big wimp!' I was inspired to check the weather, and found out it was actually 38 degrees (but with 19% humidity, it felt like 40). It's weird we get the hottest temperatures yet when we're so close to Antarctica-- but hey, the unofficial Melbourne slogan is "Four seasons in one day". And since us Canucks like to talk about the weather so much, we've linked to our weather [see "Our Favourite Links" on the left panel] so all of our readers can (A) get jealous (B) sympathize, or (C) laugh at us poor souls. Enjoy! -D.

It's been nearly a year blogging... and it's been so much fun! Thanks for following our travels, and we hope you'll keep up with us in 2008. We'll be updating our links and posting more frequent blogs in the coming months. We'd love to hear any suggestions, and thanks heaps to everyone who's sent us comments. Happy New Year! xoxoxo from BigQuestionmarks

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