Big Question Marks

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy "International Year of the Potato"

Happy new year! Hope it was a good one for you all, and that it wasn't too chilly back in Canuckistan. Our boiling-hot New Year's Eve was a definite first for us-- we spent it on the beach with friends, watching three simultaneous fireworks shows from different directions (they LOVE their fireworks here) and we all went for a dip in the supposedly non-shark-infested bay-- refreshing!

Now it's back to the grind: the job hunt, organizing our home, and spending way too much time online. Luckily, we've somehow come up with the time to post a couple of awesome videos from our Stanthorpe days with the creepy-crawlies. Check them out here and enjoy! [Arachnophobes, please note the material may cause nightmares]

In other good news, Dayle got a brand-spankin'-new camera for Xmas and once we get through the tome of a manual, we'll be taking better videos and pics than ever before. We're especially excited for the 6x optical zoom for the upcoming Australian Open tennis championships, since close-up tickets, of course, are way too "dear" (that's your Aussie term for the day, kids- it means "expensive"). Not that we're real tennis buffs or anything, and really, we could have gone to those pro tennis matches in Toronto, but it just seems cooler to do it here! We've been brushing up on the game the last few nights during dinnertime on our two-channel television-- there's a series going on in Perth right this moment. The Open kicks off in Melbourne on January 14-- anyone have suggestions on who we should go see? We've been a little out of the sports world for a while now...

Hail to the almighty potato!