Big Question Marks

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Makeover time!

It's funny how sometimes the laziest weekend can fuel a lot of creativity (and we were trying to avoid going outside, where it keeps getting colder). Our faithful blog readers may notice a few changes on Big "?"s- enjoy and tell us what you think!

Here's what's new:
- Our banner: Adrian got inspired to recreate us in cartoon form! Too bad we aren't this cute in real life.
- Slideshow: We just realized we could feature a few of our most recent photos in a slideshow on our blog. Fun fun! But don't forget to keep on visiting our Flickr site for the whole collection.
- This week we love...: We keep coming across really fun websites that we want to share, so we'll try to update this section as often as we can. Let us know if there's one you want to share, too.

Plus, we've got a few more exciting things to come in the near future. Thanks for reading and commenting! xoxo, d&a "?"