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Saturday, May 3, 2008

We's famous Mama!

Among other greats who frequent this blog; Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Keanu Reeves (the list is mighty). We happened to get an email from a corporate representative from 'Schmap' who loved our photos and wanted to know if they could use them on their interactive map. Naturally we said yes, and they used 2 of our photos here and here. Which makes me think about how we could land a job that looks for other peoples pictures on the web.


Catherine said...

Hi guys, happened across your blog on the web and think it's great. Have been looking for fruit picking jobs for a 2nd year visa too and found your Tale of 2 cherry farms great. Wondered if you could let me know how easy it is to get signed off slightly early when you're fruit picking as i only have 2 months on my visa left and unfortunetly haven't gotten around to any fruit picking yet!

Adrian & Dayle said...

Well I wrote a freakin' awesome response (long and detailed too!). But some kind of devil worship erased it before it could be posted!
Leave us your email and we'll try to reconstruct our original emails awesomeness!

Catherine said... !

Paula said...

omg they contacted us too!! What does it mean, what does it mean???!!!

Anonymous said...

geee..... creepy.