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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bussing our butts to Bohemia

Well we figured out how to get to the bus station, and how to get tickets to Chiang Mai... but we didn't figure on the sort of bus that would take us. Enter the VIP bus to Chiang Mai, a super 2 decker bus with fully reclining seats, TV & movie, in travel snacks & water, PLUS blankets and a pillow with "Hello Kitty". All for about $30 CAD, and 10 hours of our time (sleep time). We took the night bus so when we arrived it was about 6:30am, and explored other possible destinations.

We're starting to get our bartering skills back! It takes a little time and patience but you can talk down any price. Right now Dayle is grinning ear to ear about the 2 pairs of hippy pants she bought for 180 Baht ($6 CAD). I was going to get an orange hippy man purse or 'European carry all', but I didn't want to vomit blood when ever I put it on (Dayle says it looked cute).

We've been trying to figure out how to say numbers for better bartering over nightly beers. I kind of have a grasp on them if the vendor says them slowly, so I quiz Dayle from time to time. I like our night-beer number lessons.

We found a laid back and cheap, weird sort of Bohemian bar-nook. We sat and people watched with a Chang and a Leo in hand. This 'bar' looks like someone decided to empty out their garage and hang a couple of knick-knacks on the wall and play techno fusion of just about anything, (Madonna and Missy Elliot were the favorites).

We're loving Chiang Mai, it's a lot slower than Bangkok, and we're seeing more sights. Maybe we'll rent a moped and head up the mountain for a sunset or two!

Talk soon... Thanks for all your awesome comments we're giggling in the Internet cafe!
-Adrian & Dayle "?"


pat said...

Hey there,
It's 7:00 Saturday morn. I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd see what you guys are up to. I've been showing anyone who will stand still for a minute the blog pictures I printed off. Everyone's is so wowed. Have fun on the mopeds and watch out for potholes. Bye for now.

Mr. Lee said...

We need more pictures!!

In regards to bartering, I was taught by the great master (aka my mom) that you basically counter-offer at 10% of the initial offer, and work from there.

Hope that helps... and yeah... more pictures.

Anonymous said...

aww, you two are soooo cute! (vomitting blood and a man purse, aww Adrian, you're just too much!) Sean and I are checking out your stories and keeping tabs... And yeaye for Hippy Pants!!!! (Sean says he wants pics of mopeds... He's a little "European")

Ciao for now love you guys man!!!
Paula and Sean

Anonymous said...

no mopeds guys.
We have 2 Canadians died last week here in San Andres last week all because the slippery roads and potholes.
Adrian i'm watching startrek and it reminds me of your nerdiness

-Laura and Graeme- said... HA! So Laura and I have our own blog! Read and enjoy suckers!

Pops said...

We're really enjoying the updates. Looks like you are getting a great taste of Thailand. Do you recommend Thai beer? Well written guys. I agree that the moped thing is a risk even if you know what you're doing. So, keep up the good blog.

Yvonne said...

Hey Guys!
Even though you are feeling gross and sweaty, I'm still soooooo jealous! The food sounds 'interesting', I've never heard of that kind of mixture of food before. I'm glad you are both having a great time.

You should be glad you're not in Canada. It's like -20, and the cold just hurts. It's also snowing all the time. Boo!

I miss ya, and I can't wait to see more letters, videos and pics.