Big Question Marks

Saturday, January 20, 2007

how to avoid packing... 22 hours till takeoff

So while Adrian's been a real travel-blog-devotee, I've been running around doing last minute meetups with relatives and friends... and buying those last little things that we may or may not need. But finally, time to write something!

What I've learned so far:
- Finding mosquito repellent in Ontario in January is next to impossible. (thanks a lot, Canadian Tire!)
- It's OK to change trip itineraries two days before departure.
- There will never be enough money saved up for all the things you want to do.
- And everything on that long to-do list takes WAY longer than you think it will.

But the good news is...
-I found some Deep Woods Off! in a pharmacy by chance today!
-I have thus far whittled my clothes selections down to two boxes... yay!

And since I can't seem to make decisions on what to bring, I thought I'd do the next best thing: dyeing my hair. It's important too!

Leaving for a year has resulted in some serious self-contemplation. Besides family, and friends, and my electric blue silk shoes, I've realized I'm going to have a hard time living without The Price Is Right, my laptop, and cheese.

Mmmm, cheese. I've been making a point of eating it whenever I can. Preferably while watching The Price Is Right, and maybe even whilst wearing my blue silk shoes. Something tells me there won't be a lot of brie in Southeast Asia. [Or cheddar, or marble, or mozzarella for that matter.] Kraft Dinner... there will be sad goodbyes for us as well. I admit, the vegetarian in me is a little uneasy heading to countries where they add fish sauce to everything (Thailand) and sell crispy tarantulas as a roadside snack (Cambodia) and where barbequed steaks of some kind are the staple (I'm looking at you, Australia). I guess time will tell if my brash generalizations have any truth to them at all...

OK, enough lamenting about food. Time to wash out the dye, buckle down and condense my life into a 75-litre pack (oh wait, pack my life into HALF a 75-litre pack. Ha!). But I can't wait to learn some Thai, besides the words for "crow" and "field." Bye for now!
Love, Dayle Questionmark