Big Question Marks

Friday, January 19, 2007

T-Minus 2 days and counting...

Hey all, it's getting very, very exciting.

I'm 97% packed up, and shelved away my old life here in Canada. It's weird when you've sold off all your old stuff, everything about your old life seems to be paper work, taxes, and personal mementos.

Basically my Canadian life is sitting in two bankers boxes and an old GL2camera box. I'm keeping some old books that I recieved as presents, and such. Some of my clothes as well are in the same closet, but I'm taking my prized OK47 t's with me to Australia.
Packing was a real issue, not knowing what to take, but I found a great resource online, it's kinda hardcore, but practical. It all depends on what kind of traveler you are.

I've been going over my old list of stuff to do to! Here's a taste: 5 packages of our itinerary and personal info for each family, close bank account, get travelers' cheques, open credit card to ATM access, malaria pills (which I don't think we'll need - they cost $136 bloody dollars!), fix parent's computer, get rid of old phone contract, and the list goes on and on and on.

Now it's all done and I can relax for a little bit. In fact my parents met up with her parents, tonight at Boston Pizza in one of the malls by the 401. We chatted and it was all very nice to see everyone and share a meal, it also was a good chance to swap information with the families and give them all an idea of what we'll be doing and where we'll be going.

We've changed our route a little as well, Dayle called me last night and we had an emergency overhaul of our original travel plans. Our 1st trip route took us through 4 countries in less than 4 weeks, after breezing through some travel forums we've come to the conclusion that this is possibly 2 countries too many - so we've dropped Laos and possibly Vietnam from the trip.

On the Lonely Planet website someone similar was trekking through the same itinerary but with an extra stop in China, but the same time frame. There was an overwhelming number of people urging him to slow down and enjoy a few countries (1-2) at a leisurely pace rather than rushing through. I wouldn've hated to find a really awesome place on a Thailand beach and stay only for the night before rushing off to another part of the country. Besides Laos, and Vietnam aren't going anywhere.

I have a few days left and I hope to post some more before I go, something more useful to other travelers. Seems I just walk around my old neighbourhood and hang out with my parents before they go to bed, so I've started making some notes about what to blog next so it's a little more structured.
My first note to self: Don't ramble and post at 1am when your juiced on so much pop I can hear my teeth screaming to stop already! And from playing guitar hero all night!

Love you guys, and travel safe.
-Adrian Questionmark