Big Question Marks

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Idle Hands

We ship off in less than 2 hours, I'm all packed up and have nothing to do so I'm trying to keep busy.
Enjoy the video, it worked out well - usually they don't, given my record with computers. I'm sure I read that we need to be at the airport with 2 hours to go through customs and all that crap, but my mom called and she was sure it was 3 hours. Let the doubt games begin! Start double guessing everything - it's that .05% of doubt that kills you!
But I TRIPLE CHECKED the GTAA website and it's 2 hours before international flights - Adrian 1, Doubt 0.

vlogging test 2 on Vimeo

Love you guys, and travel safe!
-Adrian Questionmark


Anonymous said...

its been 2.5 hours since I saw you guys off and I miss you already, enjoy and come back soon- Graeme

Anonymous said...

I'm way too sad that you are gone, but I'm also so excited for you. You'll have tons of fun out in the huge world. Take good care of each other and remember to have great adventures. We'll all miss you tons and will think about you every day.

Lots of kisses,

Anonymous said...

Take good care of my gay lover Dayle.