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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Neglecting the blog...

Hey everyone!
OK, don't hate us for neglecting you and the blog. Adrian and I have been fairly busy lately... just with work and trying to get a bit of sleep and stuff. We're slackers! Adrian's off checking out a van right now (yippee!) and I just helped put a fourth issue of the Gazette to bed (yay and phew!). It's time to have a little relax and say hi to you at home.

What's happening here? Still colder than ever. Raining lots. Our friend Hanne is leaving Port on Friday (and heading back to Denmark this week... we're very sad) and said she LOST all of her fabulous South American tan in this crazy little Aussie beach town. It's true! We won't be making anyone jealous with our beachiness, it's been anything but suntanning weather. Fingers crossed it gets better in time for the big road trip (July/August).

Adrian's still working at the construction site and is amazed they measure everything in millimetres here. I survived last week as the only reporter at the Gazette, and nearly died but got it finished with much help from my amazing editor, Susannah. But now I'm about ready for a vacation!

We went out stalking Pink last weekend, sort of on assignment from the Gazette. Rumour had it she was in Port Douglas (staying with friends) and people thought she might hit up a couple of local spots. Adrian, Mark and Karen and I were out late looking for that cheeky singer who just never showed up. Instead, we used the newsroom camera to take funny pics of ourselves. So much for being the papparazzi!

And we have to recommend a great Australian movie to everyone-- it was recommended to us. It's called Gettin' Square... quite a funny action/mobster/Ocean's 11 type deal that takes place on the Gold Coast (which seems to be the Oz L.A.). Sometimes you have to put the subtitles on (the accents!) but it was a really cool flick. Fairly new, too. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Hope you're all celebrating Canada Day this weekend... we're gonna get out the beer and have a proper barbeque, don our Jays caps and Canada flag tattoos and say "eh" a lot. Cheers!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Enjoyed all the news about the small town and the experiences of the reporter.

xopknn said...

where are these newsroom camera funny drunken pix?

it's pretty mild on the west coast ~ supposed to be 16 Celcius and rainy tomorrow, but the weather forecast is wrong 110% of the time... so... whatever.