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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Working life

Hope the weather is still fantastic back in Canada. It's actually gotten a bit chilly here lately (yeah yeah, laugh at us if you want- chilly for us is now 22 degrees or so). One girl at work even came into the office last Monday in a puffy, fur-trimmed vest. But, it seems to warming up, just in time for our first day of winter!
Life at the newspaper is busy, crazy, getting insane. This coming week I am the only reporter there (yipe!) and I also have a work experience student (think high school co-op) to "show the ropes". Ha! I don't even know the ropes myself. It's going to be an adventure. If you want the hottest news here, well, I'm right on top of it. I get to cover exciting things like the start of sugarcane harvest season, the birth of a tree kangaroo (actually, she just stuck her head out of the pouch, which I learned was a big deal), and the election of a new fire station officer (like a fire chief, to Canada). I got to try out this really cool "hydrotherapy massage bed" for a story... it's like a waterbed/Jell-O/bathtub thingie that has water jets and coloured lights inside and you lay in it and afterwards feel fantastic! In fact, I couldn't get any work done on friday after my 5 minutes in that thing. I was that relaxed. We all need one at home! (It's called an Ocean Wave)

And the other funny thing about Port is that it's SUCH a small town it's ridiculous. Just a few examples...
a) Needing to find a model for the photo shoot of the spa bed, I ask my roomie Karen. She's OK with it but not sure if she has to work. I interview the spa owner, Renee. She says she'll try to find someone. I get a call from Karen later that afternoon... turns out she works with Renee at another hotel (where Renee is opening another spa) and the whole model/friend/co-worker relationship is just all over the place there. So we all had a good time Saturday at the photo shoot, and laughed about the small world we live in...(and of course I run into Renee at the grocery store tonight)
b) I run into my good buddy the fire station officer, who I talk to on the phone about 3 times on Friday, that same evening at the bar. I also find co-workers from the Gazette there at a table, with his daughter who I worked with at a one-off waitressing gig, not to mention all the people we know from Dougies Backpackers.
There's more... it just keeps on going. Maybe it's time to leave once you know everyone in town! more later.... luv, D

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