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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Old creepiness in Port

Adrian thinks I'm morbid for having a fascination with this particular gravestone in Port Douglas Cemetary. Maybe I am, but I ride my bike by it every morning and am totally drawn to it. And now I know why. Everyone and everything seems to have a connection in Port Douglas. (Much like a Stephen King town, come to think of it!)

I've finished 3 days at the Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette now, and the paper we just put out today has an article that very much relates to this grave... and maybe it's since I had to spend yesterday in Mossman court, hearing about smallish crimes and fantasizing about the drama that could be happening instead...well, here's the deal:

This so-called "treacherous murder" of William Thomson was allegedly committed by his wife, Elizabeth Thomson. And though she claimed innocence to the end, Elizabeth became the only woman ever hanged in Queensland, back on June 13, 1887. The story goes she was executed with her supposed lover, John Harrison, and now they're both buried side by side in unmarked graves in Brisbane, while William gets a fancy, dramatic monument in the graveyard here. And now a local actor/artist/director here is making a play about it. Cool! (Makes me think of the Salem witchhunts). I'll definitely have to go see the play. And that's my weird tidbit of the day... hope you enjoyed a little piece of Australiana!
Love D.
PS. I'm about to start reading "Crackpots, Ratbags and Rebels: A Swag of Aussie Eccentrics" by Robert Holden. I'm sure there will be some more tales to come... :)

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